John McCarthy

John McCarthy-max


Height: 6′
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue


Accents:  Fluent Irish and Conversational French.

Skills: Guitar, Baritone Voice, Basic horse-riding, Full Driving Licence.


Irish Times Theatre Awards Nominee 2019 Best Supporting Actor ‘The Lonesome West’.

Theatre Artist in Residence
Cork Opera House & University College Cork

The inaugural theatre artist in residence, beginning in September 2018 at Cork Opera House, and working with UCC masters students on the new Theatre and Performative practices programme.

Film & Television
Production Role Company Director
The School John Cccahoots & RTÉ Tadhg Hickey
Private Report Mark Independent Company Maximilian le Cain

Production Role Company/Venue Director
Blackwater Babble Yip Broken Crow Theatre Company Joe Meagher
This Girl Laughs – This Girl Cries –  This Girl Does Nothing Various Graffiti Theatre Company Niall Cleary
The Big Chapel Proctor Asylum Productions/Abbey Theatre Donal Gallagher
Evening Train Paulie The Everyman Annabelle Comyn
The Lonesome West Valene Connor The Everyman Julie Kelleher
Blackwater Babble Nope Broken Crow Theatre Company Joe Meagher
Bluetooth Blu The Everyman Julie Kelleher
The Gardnener Uncle Harry Graffiti Theatre Company Emelie Fitzgibbon
The Tempest Trinculo Norfolk & Norwich Festival William Galinsky
Hollander Hollander Hammergrin Sara-Jane Power
K: The IOWA Project Douglas Hammergrin Sara-Jane Power
Closed Circuit Ollie Graffiti Theatre Company Emelie Fitzgibbon
The Snow Queen Crow Graffiti Theatre Comoany Emelie Fitzgibbon
Beats n Pieces Mark Meridian Theatre Company Johnny Hanrahan

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