Pat Nolan

Pat Nolan-maxPAT NOLAN

Height: 6′ 0”
Hair: Light Brown
Vocal Range: Tenor

Film & Television
Production Role Company Director
Fair City Barry O'Hanlon R.T.E Various
Honeymoon for One Owner No:17 Hallmark Channel Kevin Connor
The Intimidation Game Dock Cop Warner Brothers Christopher Nolan
Magnificent Ambersons Reverend Smith Kedgood Ltd. Alfonso Arau
Though The Sky Falls Police Supt. Thiennez Ltd John Mackenzie
Angela's Ashes Travel Agent Angelus Films Alan Parker
Northern Lights Father Paradox Pictures Ltd. Liam O'Neill
Quando EmCee Paradox Pictures Ltd Declan Recks
The Governor Officer Soames La Plante Productions Alan Doser
No Flowers David Film Base Alan Archbold
Commonplaces David RTE Gerry Stembridge
Taffin Newtown Taffins Films Sometime City
Paul Callan City Vision Joe Lee / Frank Deacy
The Courier Young Garda City Vision Joe Lee / Frank Lee

Production Role Company Director
Take Off Your Cornflakes Tommy Show In A Bag for Dublin Fringe Festival Liam Halligan
The Wake Fr Billy Abbey Theatre Annabelle Comyn
Oedipus Ensemble Abbey Theatre Wayne Jordan
Risk Everything Michael The New Theatre Liam Halligan
On City Water Hill Frank Theatre Upstairs Liam Halligan
Cinderella Baron Stoneybroke Gaiety Theatre Daryn Crosbie
Our Father Father With an 'F' Productions Tara Derrington
I Keano Scribe Lane Productions Terry Byrne
Uncle Vanya Yefim The Gate Robin LeFevre
A Little Bit of Blue Sam Lane Productions Paul Mercier
12 Angry Men Juror Lane Productions Terry Byrne
Loco County Lonesome Vance Black Box Theatre Co. Joe O'Byrne
Di Di's Big Day Father Black Box Theatre Co. David Byrne
Aceldamia Dragan Black Box Theatre Co. Deirdre Molloy
Rocky Horror Show Dr. Scott The Machine Michael Scott
Pericles Simonides DYT Gerry Stembridge
Small Box Psychosis Eddie Black Box Theatre Co. Liam Halligan
Bouncers Lucky Eric Tivoli Productions Graham Watts
Borstal Boy Vereker/Welsh Warder Prosecnium Joe Dowling
Studs Mick Passion Machine Paul Mercier
Without The "H" Murtagh Black Box Theatre Co. John Breen
Studs Micj Passion Machine Paul Mercier

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